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Security and Surveillance Solutions

We customise and integrate a range of quality surveillance equipment based on specific customer needs.
Based on your organisation's security profile and its threat perception my organisation will work with you to customise an optimal solution designed to suit your specific requirements. My company will then provide all the equipment and install it for you. I will outline for you briefly, products and services that we offer.

CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring

We offer a large range of cameras, digital video recorders and Monitors to suit different security environments. Based on which a selection of ordinary, varifocal, C mount, speed domes, infra red and internet protocol cameras can be installed in strategic locations inside or outside. This could be a small building, or large public places and corporate or Government offices. The digital video recorders will also be selected based on the applications and the number of camera inputs required to be viewed individually or simultaneously. Monitors can be simple B/W or TFT coloured, high resolution systems depending on customer need. Beyond this the entire gamut of installation mountings, wiring switchers and other accessories are also provided for and then installed. We will provide the complete system and install it. I am enclosing a brochure for you on this.

Access Control Systems

This range begins with the simple B/w and colour video door phones. Apart from this we import Boom barriers and gates for apartment buildings, Gated Communities, parking management and ticketing and office complexes. Of very high quality and durability the entire system from metal parts to the motors and the electronics is imported. We also provide swing and sliding gate mechanism which can be installed on existing gates or included in the design of new gates. The gating systems and barriers can be integrated to other access control devices like fingerprint/proximity card and CCTV based visual identification systems.

Asset and Retail Loss Protection Systems, access control and RFID based asset and people location devices

My company provides anti shoplifting and point of sale information systems from Cross Point of the Netherlands. Elegant in design and a highly effective security and information tool the system can be configured over an IP based reporting system whereby various store data can be viewed over the internet by authorised personnel. For simple usage standalone AM or RF anti shoplifting alarm systems are also available.

With 12 years of experience in import and integration of electronic products and systems my organisation is fully equipped to efficiently service your security needs. We directly import all our products from our principals who are amongst the best manufacturers worldwide. We have constant access to technology upgrades and information on contemporary research & development.

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