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Granth Library Management Software

No educational institute is complete without a library. Library constitutes an integral part of any educational institute. The quality of an institute is often judged by the quality of its library. The efficiency with which a library of a particular institute is managed is a benchmark of the efficiency with which that institute is managed. Managing a library is a task requiring much expertise and requires a lot of resources. Proper management of books is a must for the smooth functioning of a library.

Granth v2.0 is a complete library management suite. It has been conceptualized as a tool for complete automation of libraries. It has been designed after extensive research and inputs from various libraries about the various practices followed there. GRANTH v2.0 aims at making managing a library a pleasant experience.

Management of a library entails processing huge amounts of data related to texts, members and administration. Manual processing of such high volumes of data is not just an exhausting and time taking job, but is also prone to mistakes. The answer to this is computerization; but in that case, a management system lacking in certain aspects can be a disaster. That is where GRANTH v2.0 steps in, it has been subjected to exhaustive in-house and real-time testing in order to make it all inclusive and virtually bug free.

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