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    We developed web sites that are effective, affordable, attractive, customized to your requirements and gives value for money. We take due care in developing & putting the right blocks of information at the right places.

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    We are working since 1999 and have grown up slowly and steadily to stand stably with a history of saving our clients from money robbing designers & so called small companies.

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    We believe in regular communication with our client throughout the projects, providing the client progress updates and ensuring the project progress as desired.

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    We promise to develop such a web site for you, that gives a WOW feeling to you and to your customers. We give you unlimited design revisions on your web site till satisfaction.

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Email Marketing

" We develop online campaigns that integrate your entire internet strategy. Effectively targeting audiences through their inboxes is a pin point of the process- we are encapsulating with 'Pure Email Marketing' not 'Bulk Emailing'!!"

How Email Marketing works for you?
We are concerned about you, your company and your business. We also worry how much of a business is lost due to some important but misunderstood concept in the field of digital marketing of your business, especially on the resistless benefits of Email Marketing for your company.

Ask yourself, is your business maximizing the potential of Email Marketing? If you want to increase marketing compatibility, right now, then you need to be using email well.

You could offer a free report, download, newsletter or whatever that will make trust on your clients and force them to come back to you finally for long term relationships. Techno Max's Email Marketing services will help you to win traffic as well as visibility, whether for upcoming new services & for promotions, we can assist you with perfect Email Marketing.

Techno Max is a unique provider providing features like:
  • Statistics & Reporting - Link Click Tracking: we have set a perfect solution that will store all clients' contact details. We can help you in making lists according to your different business segments.
  • We provide a "Professional Email Flyer" we insert contents and images and then our HTML experts code it in more flexible customized template language.
  • Now a campaign is ready to send to all clients listed. You can divide list according to location, activity or interest.
  • We can help you by providing reports or by moving contacts between lists when they open your email or click your link and a whole lot more!!
  • Responses are collected and analyzed, browsed and exported to other excel sheet for further processing.

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